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Have you had a circumstance in your life that's preventing you from buying a vehicle ?

  • Have you been affected by a Short Sale, Divorce, Medical Collection, Bankruptcy, ect...we can help you and your family get back into car ownership today.
  • We are a Full-Service Car Dealership that specializes in Creative Financing Solutions.
  • Improve your life now and enjoy the benefits of owning a new car now.
  • We have the solution for all the problems and needs above.
  • We are the premier name in the Buy Here / Pay Here Auto Dealership industry.
  • We will do an overall check on your situation, figure a budget and help go find you a new car!
  • We have in-house credit and financial counseling to help you buy your next vehicle!
  • If you have the commitment and the desire to improve your life for you and your family, then we have the tools, ability and commitment to help you obtain your goals.

How We Work

  • If you have have a job with documented income we can help you buy a new car or truck.
  • We are associated to a large new car dealership and have relationships with many financial institutions.
  • Every bank and financial institution has different requirements and qualification guidelines.  If we can't place you in a "regular" loan, we will finance the deal ourselves.
  • We want to help folks get back on the right track so we make sure your payments are registered at the credit agencies.  This will help you re-establish your credit
  • Our cars are newer, titled, maintained and clean.  We stand behind our vehicles.
  • Please call to speak to a customer service representative about our program.


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